The Texas policyholder bar representing Texas "Slabbers" met yesterday in Galveston. The bottom line for those with the most significantly destroyed buildings is that these cases and the litigation discovery is being coordinated and will be moving much quicker.

I found my fellow Texas attorneys working on these cases are impressive and motivated. In other situations, meetings tend to drag on and decisions are delayed. That is not what occurred with this group.

The work, findings and discovery will be shared. The assignments were made and agreements entered into regarding the logistics. It took a little over an hour. I have been in other venues and with other attorney groups where a discussion about how such a meeting would be conducted took over an hour.

About this time last year, the Texas TWIA policyholders were protesting, as I posted in Texas Windstorm "Slabbers" and Policyholders March on Austin. The "Slabbers" had been predetermined to have exactly the same amount of damage caused by wind, as punned in The Parable of Hurricane Ike Insurance Claims. Later, we found out how that amount was determined, as posted in Slabbers Finally Learn How They All Have Exactly 11.2% Damage.

While many TWIA cases are being settled, many of the Slab cases are not. The Galveston Court has made a very efficient and cost effective method of depositions and examination of issues for all. TWIA executives and experts who made policy and decisions regarding payment will now be subject to examination in these cases. One way or another, these cases will move much quicker towards resolution this year.