If organized criminals in Texas wanted to get off easier and pay less for their misdeeds, they would probably hire lobbyists to make up a propaganda campaign to change laws to go easier on crooks. This is similar to what the insurance industry and their trade groups plan to do in Texas this year – they want to lessen penalties and personal accountability for cheating, delaying, and wrongfully denying property insurance claims.

These insurance lobbyists’ plans are generally made in secret. (Most wrongful plots are made in secret; otherwise, these lobbyists and their insurance company executive clients would be proud of what they were doing and send it to their customers.) But I have some friends on "their side" that think these plans stink. They want to warn Texas legislators looking out for Texas policyholders harmed by slow paying and denying insurers, what these guys are up to.

The lobbying plan is filled with lies and propaganda and here are some important points:

  1. They want to reduce what cheating insurers have to pay when they wrongfully delay and deny claims.
  2. They want to reduce interest payments that have to be made by slow paying insurers.
  3. They want to prevent insurance customers from being able to get professional help.
  4. They want to help their insurer clients make more money by reducing the consequences of bad choices which harm insurer customers.
  5. They want to make these changes with propaganda – disguise the truth of their wrongful objective with filters of half-truths.

Texas legislators should be warned that when these lobbyists show up, give them money, and explain positions, that the insurance lobby is in reality advocating rule breaking, cheating, delaying, and wrongfully denying insurance claims. They espouse a view that allows an escape from the accountability of doing wrong. They advocate that deeds that screw policyholders – from little old ladies to businessmen that need quick and full payment to stay in business – should be without penalty or severe consequence. I guess these lobbyists will do anything for money – many insurance companies use their own policyholder premiums to pay for these lobbyists.


I am not making these statements without context. I hope everybody reads the linked plan noted above. Tomorrow I will show an example of how the insurance lobby uses "think tanks" and the media – directly referencing yours truly – to manipulate our own elected representatives.