As I have written in previous blog posts, Senate Bill 38 — a bill that erodes consumer protections and hurts roofers — is making its way through the Colorado General Assembly.

Quite simply, Senate Bill 38 is bad for homeowners; it’s bad for roofers; and it’s bad for Colorado.

Please take a few moments and sign this petition. With a large response, we’ll deliver a strong message to Senator Tochtrop and all our legislators who would rather bow to the insurance lobby than look out for their constituents’ best interest.

Senator Tochtrop,

Please reconsider your sponsorship of Senate Bill 38 — An Act Concerning Measures to Protect Consumers Who Engage A Roofing Contractor To Perform Roofing Services on Residential Property.

Senate Bill 38 would erode the ability of Colorado property owners to deal fairly with their insurance company. Written by insurance lobbyists, Senate Bill 38 would tilt the playing field toward multi-billion dollar insurance companies, allowing them to interfere with the contracts between homeowners and roofers.

The Bill would also prohibit roofers from offering discounts to homeowners, such as coupons, referral discounts, waivers of deductibles, credits or upgrades to homeowners and would allow the insurance company’s own adjusters to control what work could be performed and at what price.

Simply put, Senate Bill 38 is bad for homeowners, it’s bad for roofers, and it’s bad for Colorado.

I urge you to reconsider your support of this bad bill and to show your constituents that their interests come before the interests of the insurance lobby.

Thank you for your consideration.


[Your name]

After you sign this online petition, please take a moment to contact your Representative’s office (a quick phone call or email is all it takes) and let them know that you do not support this bill and expect your Representative not to support it as well.