If you have been a reader of our blog, you know that we have frequently partnered with and supported a non-profit organization called United Policyholders. This organization helps policyholders after a loss and has been an incredible help to insureds after catastrophic disasters like wildfires, earthquakes, and hurricanes.

One of the things that United Policyholders does really well is educate the public. Visit UPHelp.org to learn more about the three programs UP has to offer:

  • Roadmap to Recovery™ provides tools and resources for solving insurance problems after an accident, loss, illness or other adverse event.
  • Roadmap to Preparedness promotes disaster preparedness and insurance literacy through outreach and education in partnership with civic, faith based, business and other non-profit associations.
  • Advocacy and Action advances pro-consumer laws and public policy related to insurance matters.

Reading some of the amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs this organization has published in the last couple of years has made me a big fan of Amy Bach and the rest of the crew at UP.

United Policyholder’s new public service announcement is shown in the link below. Maybe you didn’t have a crush on this teen heartthrob when he played A.C. Slater on Saved by the Bell, but it’s easy to see why a message about getting proper insurance by Mario Lopez will be popular.

Mario’s message: Renters insurance protects your property and makes sure earthquake coverage is in place, as that is not a default covered peril.

UP has also published a rental insurance guide that is available here and explains that this lower-cost policy usually will cover you when:

  • Someone breaks into your home and steals your stuff
  • A fire damages or destroys your home
  • A guest gets injured while visiting you
  • You’re robbed while traveling

This coverage is important and can be critical to anyone renting an apartment, house, condo, or loft residence.

One can only hope Mario really gets into the insurance world and shows up at the next insurance conference, until then, take a look: