Helping policyholders when their home or business has been damaged or destroyed can be especially heart wrenching during the holidays. Due to the way some insurance companies handle claims, some of our corporate clients cannot run their businesses or run them at max efficiency during this holiday season. Many of our homeowners with damaged or destroyed homes were eating Thanksgiving dinner at a place that was nothing like “home.”

Handling a claim that disrupts your daily life or damages your business can be very stressful for all of our clients. Insurance companies give policyholders promises in the form of a policy. When the policy is not honored, there is also the added emotional component that can take a toll on insureds in addition to the breach of the insurance policy.

One of the best resources for any policyholder who has suffered a loss is a visit to United Policyholders website. We have posted many times about the amazing work of Amy Bach and the crew at United Policyholders.

Today I wanted to make sure we highlighted one of the programs at United Policyholders called The Roadmap to Recovery™ and I specifically want to encourage policyholders to join the private listserv that United Policyholders offers for those who have suffered a loss as part of The Roadmap to Recovery™ program. The group is called “Survivor to Survivor ListServ.”

If you are a car enthusiast, chances are you belong to a car forum. These forums can be great to get advice and share your story. Many people who are passionate about a hobby are a member of an online group. Some people join online groups when medical diagnosis are given so they can learn about treatment options and express concerns to others who have walked a day in the same shoes. Well, now there a forum for those who have suffered property damage to share support and encouragement.1

United Policyholder’s gives people free information, tools and resources to help solve the insurance problems that can arise after an accident, loss, illness or other adverse event. We offer a library of claim tips, sample letters and forms, instructional videos, a professional help directory, and articles written by leading experts in personal finance, construction and the law. We also offer educational workshops and long term recovery services after natural disasters (subject to funding and community support).

The Roadmap to Recovery™ program offers all of these wonderful resources for insureds.

1 It is imperative that represented insureds do not share advice from their attorneys on this forum in order to preserve your attorney-client confidential relationship.