Like so many other attorneys at my firm, (and I’m sure many more around the county), I spent last week and the better part of this past weekend tying up loose ends and making sure that proper proofs of loss for all of my clients were submitted. On Monday, April 28, 2014, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) released a bulletin extending the deadline to submit Superstorm Sandy Proofs of Loss to October 29, 2014.1

The bulletin states that the deadline has been extended again as “NFIP policyholders may have encountered difficulties filing a timely proof of loss.” This extension will come as great relief to many insureds who have either failed to submit a timely proof of loss or perhaps submitted an incorrect or incomplete proof.

While there is now additional time to submit a proof of loss for your Superstorm Sandy flood loss, it certainly does not mean that you should wait. Take this opportunity to make sure your proofs of loss are submitted correctly and with all appropriate documentation.

If you have any questions, this blog holds a wealth of information on how to properly submit your proofs of loss, including my prior posts, The Time to Hesitate is Through and Newly Discovered Damage – Supplement Claims and Proofs of Loss, and Chip Merlin’s post, Are you Sure the Proof is Right.

I’m happy that FEMA decided to do the right thing for all those who suffered a loss during Superstorm Sandy and am looking forward to the day when I drive down my hometown streets and walk the boardwalks of the Jersey Shore and see things as they were, before this horrible storm made landfall.

Here is a (mildly) related tune, Bob Dylan’s Shelter From The Storm: