I spoke in Manhatten yesterday at the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants. The presentation was Superstorm Sandy: Many Causes, Many Losses—Is Your Business Income Loss Covered? I bet you’d imagine that a nerdy insurance attorney presenting to nerdy accountants would seem to make for a very dry event.

Since I was the last speaker at 4 pm, I was a little concerned that most in the audience would be more focused on Miller Time rather than the fine nuances of commercial business income and extra expense coverage. So, Ruck DeMinico and I made a power point with a question and answer format to help get some audience participation. If anybody reading this post has seen me give a speech over the last several years, you know that I first call on those in the audience that are looking at their cell phone, computer, or not paying attention. People like to be entertained while they learn. I try my best.

How many questions can you get right? Here are the questions and answers.