Steve Badger has been getting a lot of “word of mouth” discussion by roofers, public adjusters and policyholder attorneys. Next Wednesday afternoon at the TAPIA conference in Austin, I will be on a panel with Steve discussing many ethical issues involving claims adjustment. It has generated a lot of questions, comments and controversy.

Some have questioned why Badger should be invited by TAPIA to be on a panel discussing ethics. Others have complained to attorneys in my firm that I should never have agreed to be on the panel with him because it gives him a “platform” to do many things to the detriment of public adjusters. I was told by a very bright and passionate public adjuster at dinner last night that Badger is “targeting” TAPIA and NAPIA.

Since Badger represents insurance companies and has claimed that a number of public adjusters are committing or aiding in fraud, I can appreciate that he is not going to get any votes as NAPIA’s Man of the Year. But, the hysteria about Steve Badger by a number of close and bright public adjusters has me concerned about the ability of many to honestly understand the reasoning and views of a person with opposite views. Without trying to understand another and dispassionately evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of his reasoning, it is likely that the best response will never be made. Instead, name calling and threats are usually the response made by the ignorant.

Is Steve Badger’s View of Hail Damage Claims Fair and Balanced? was a post I wrote concerning Badger’s views. Steve also commented in another post, Adjusting Hailstorm Damage Insurance Claims from Photographs:


Thanks for the shout out!

What Mr. Hafhazi may actually be experiencing is a growing reluctance of some field adjusters to have any dialogue during the initial site visit with public adjusters and contractors acting as unlicensed public adjusters given that their words and actions are frequently misquoted and misinterpreted. This is one of the ways the "emerging cottage industry" I refer to in my articles is making the claims process more difficult for all of us. Take, for example, this Craigslist ad posted just yesterday presumably by a Texas licensed public adjuster…..

This public adjuster essentially guarantees sight-unseen that they "WILL" take any denied claim and get the building owner "paid to get a new roof" with just "1 hit per square." That’s a pretty bold promise. Imagine what the field adjuster has to deal with when he or she meets on a roof with this company.

Chip raises a concern about "Photograph Adjusting." I guess we should call this "Craigslist Adjusting".

It is also possible that (as Chip alludes to in his blog response to my recent article) that perhaps this public adjuster never even walks the roof and instead immediately funnels the claim through to a policyholder attorney who, also without ever walking the roof, quickly files a lawsuit. Dozens of hail damage lawsuits are being filed in Texas each week following precisely this process.

In my opinion, it is this type of conduct — that we all know is going on out there in this industry with increasing frequency — that is making the claims process more difficult for everyone involved and leading to further limitations on available coverage for Texas building owners.

Appreciate the dialogue.

To me, “two wrongs never make a right.” But one thing is for certain, Steve Badger will generate a great deal of controversy if he expresses similar views next week. I would not want to miss it.

Here is a link for registration.

See you in Austin.

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