Steve Badger must really be wondering "What the Hail is Going On?" after federal judge Walter Smith struck Badger as an appraiser for Great American Assurance Company. In Is Steve Badger’s View of Hail Damage Claims Fair and Balanced, I stated that "Steve Badger gets the 2014 Insurance Defense Attorney Macho Man Award." So, the Order finding him biased and not capable of being an appraiser under Texas law should be no surprise to readers of this blog.

The judge noted the reference materials Badger wrote for insurance companies, his current working representation of insurance companies and his recent testimony in front of the Texas legislature supporting anti-consumer legislation sponsored by the insurance industry under the guise of tort reform. The Motion to Strike also noted that Badger was the opposing counsel of the plaintiff’s attorneys in several other lawsuits.

The Zelle Hoffman website noted that Badger was scheduled to speak to insurance industry claims executives the day after this Order was entered:

Steven Badger, a partner in the Dallas office of Zelle Hofmann, will co-present a program titled “What the Hail is Going On?” at the Loss Executive Association’s (LEA) 84th Spring Meeting and Educational Conference. The conference will take place in Newport, Rhode Island on June 10-12, 2015. Joining Badger for this presentation [will] be Jon Held of J.S. Held, Inc.

Badger, who represents the commercial property insurance industry in coverage matters involving roofing and other construction issues, will co-present on the issues commonly arising in hail claims. (emphasis added)

I wonder if he was able to work the hot-off-the-press Order into his presentation?

Last fall, I debated Steve at a TAPIA conference as referenced in Steve Badger Versus Chip Merlin at TAPIA Next Wednesday. I can guarantee you that everybody in that room knew I was for policyholders and Steve Badger was for the insurance companies—all of them.

Most public adjusters blame him for starting a war on insurance customers if they happen to be so unlucky to have been stricken by hail. Those starting wars have already taken a side.

Positive Thought for Day

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
         ― Abraham Lincoln