Aside from protecting policyholders’ rights against their insurance companies, Merlin Law Group also monitors bills that may affect your rights as a policyholder.

Currently Texas Legislators are debating how to reform the Texas Windstorm Association (“TWIA”). This is particularly important to Texans, because TWIA is an insurer of last resort for many citizens living along the coast.

Yesterday, we received word that a committee substitute for House Bill 3 was introduced and analyzed in the Senate Business and Commerce Committee. The committee substitute proposed to eliminate or restrict many significant legal rights TWIA policyholders have under current law. After it became clear that there was – fortunately — little support for the bill, the chairman recessed the committee. You can watch yesterday’s meeting by clicking here.

TWIA policyholders’ rights are under attack. Call your state senators and representatives and urge them to protect TWIA policyholders’ rights.