In a post last September, State Farm Agents are Fighting State Farm for Economic Survival, I wrote:

"Again, for many different reasons, I hope McCarty and State Farm can work out a deal."

Maybe this song reflects how many of us felt about the contention between State Farm and Florida’s Office of Insurance Regulation, and how many of us feel we should resolve our differences:

Of course, being the big, bad bully, State Farm threatened to leave Florida’s property insurance market because it wanted the ability to charge the highest rates possible, regardless of the effect on its customers. State Farm’s antics in Florida reminded me of this song:


Of course, now that the Florida legislature leadership has declared rate war on its own constituency by attempting to deregulate the State’s property insurance market as I posted in Do Florida Legislators Think We Are Stupid?, I wonder if this song is most appropriate for those legislators and insurance lobbyists:


In a future post, I will list every Senator and Representative that supports this anti-consumer legislation and ask them to explain why they want your insurance rates to rise.