The editors of Slabbed deserve some type of honor. What do they get for all the education about events of the day they provide? My hat is off to them. All of us are the better for it.

"Perhaps Lynda can explain why this is the policyholder’s fault?" is a Slabbed post where the absurdity of an insurer’s argument is brought to light. Rarely do I find my attorney colleagues calling each other out for such stupid arguments. I do not often say "stupid" but some insurer arguments have been accepted as "arguable" when most courts should have chastised counsel so that these embarrassing arguments are never made. My hat is off to a non-commercial social blog, Slabbed, for pointing this out.

On this topic of concurrent causation, I made the following posts which others studying this topic should consider:

  1. Concurrent Causation Analysis Applied by FC&S—Learning From an Insurance Industry Source;
  2. Corban Mississippi Supreme Court Case Decided, Part 2;
  3. Corban Part Three: A Win for Policyholders and a Decision Following Rossmiller’s Causation Analysis of the Anti-Concurrent Causation Clause;
  4. Personal observations of the Tuepker vs. State Farm oral argument