On December 29, 2011, many policyholders in Allentown, Pennsylvania, were required to evacuate their homes due to a large sinkhole that suddenly opened up in front of their street. This sinkhole is also a risk to a nearby cemetery, threatening hundreds of graves.

This video, shown on the local ABC newscast, reveals incredible stories, including that of Dwayne Glover.


Mr. Glover discovered the sinkhole. He went to his basement to find out why they had no water pressure and saw water.

Mr. Glover explains that he was searching for the source of the leak and suddenly fell about two feet through the concrete floor.

After he crawled out, Mr. Glover could see a river of water rushing by under the concrete. He called the water department and then tried to leave the house with his family. As ABC explains, Mr. Glover’s structure shifted, jamming his front door. He forced open the door and took his family to safety. Mr. Glover is fortunate that he and his family were not harmed.

It is important for policyholders to contact their insurance representatives to verify if they have sinkhole coverage. If you live a non-sinkhole prone area, the coverage is likely inexpensive, if coverage is available. If you live in an area with a greater propensity for sinkholes, it is imperative to obtain coverage to protect your property, if it is available.