Should departments of insurance approve forms which limit the amount of mold damage from a covered peril? A new Department of Insurance Bulletin from Louisiana addresses this issue and will be discussed today at Friday at 2 With Chip Merlin.

Remote learning is the new rage for public adjusters. The Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters has one the biggest conventions for public adjusters and even they are going to remote learning because of social distancing concerns. Should this be the new paradigm which will last even after we get rid of our current circumstances and what will that mean for public adjuster organizations?

Merlin Law Group is embracing remote learning because it is a lot more efficient. Next Monday we are hosting a specialized program for Hurricane Irma Insurance claims. Public adjusters will be able to register and get four credit hours and specific instruction on what to do with almost three-year-old hurricane claims. If you are a Florida licensed public adjuster, you cannot get this type of instruction with the ability to ask questions to a stellar panel of experts anywhere else. Here is the link to register if you have not done so.

Here is the link for today’s Friday at 2 with Chip.

A Louisiana Afternoon Thought

It’s a facet of the gay rights movement that people don’t think about enough. Why suddenly marriage equality? Because it wasn’t until 1981 that the court struck down Louisiana’s ‘head and master rule,’ that the husband was head and master of the house.
—Ruth Bader Ginsburg