Florida Senator Mike Fasano is not afraid to talk about the elephant in the room. Yesterday, he called the proposed insurance bill "scary." A blog in the Miami Herald, Fasano: Why debate sinkhole coverage if no one will provide it anymore? reported:

[T]his bill, he said, is deadly to consumers. A bill like this, he said, would never have come forward under governors Jeb Bush or Charlie Crist, but with uber-business friendly Rick Scott leading the state, legislators are feeling emboldened with a bill that is overly generous to the insurance industry. "It’s scary," he said.

My impression of the proposed legislation was noted in Draconian Property Insurance Bill Filed in Florida Senate. Deadly, scary and draconian sound pretty bad for the consumers of insurance. I wonder why others don’t see it that way?

I think Fasano answered that question in the above quote. Some in our Legislature feel the insurance industry and its concerns are paramount to the interests of many policyholders. There seems to be little listening to reason and good public policy from the consumer’s view. Hopefully, the debate will change and honest reflection through study of issues will occur. Otherwise, Mike Fasano’s prediction about the impact of these proposed insurance laws as currently written are the same as mine.