I just returned from the Windstorm Insurance Network Conference in Orlando, Florida, where both defense and policyholder professionals discussed and debated important topics in the property/windstorm insurance claims industry.

It was a nice surprise to see that today FEMA granted another 60-day extension of time for policyholders in Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia to submit their signed, proofs of loss for flood damage as a result of Hurricane Matthew.

Here is a link to the WYO Bulletin.

You can read Nicole Vinson’s prior blog about the first 60-day extension FEMA issued.

The purpose of the extension is to allow policyholders additional time to finalize their claims. With this extension, policyholders have 180 days following the date of loss to provide their completed, signed, and sworn proof of loss.

This extension applies to NFIP claims associated with the following FICO numbers: 680  (Florida), 681 (North Carolina), 356 (Georgia), 357 (South Carolina), and 358 (Virginia), whether the NFIP issued the policy directly or through the Write Your Own (WYO) Program.