The SaintPetersburg Blog had a flattering article about Sean Shaw, 2013 Legislative Winners and Losers: Policyholders of FL remains thorn in side to insurance industry. It’s great when Sean’s advocacy and our behind-the-scenes work is recognized.

The post states in part:

The Policyholders of Florida, founded by former Insurance Consumer Advocate Sean Shaw, continues to be a powerhouse when it comes to holding the insurance industry in check.

Shaw, now an attorney at the Merlin Law Group and a candidate for State House in Tampa, shocked everyone when the Policyholders of Florida helped organize busloads of residents to slash the 2000% sinkhole rate hikes passed in 2011, in 2012 his group killed a dangerous surplus lines bill, and this year they flexed their muscle on Senate Bill 1770.

The truth is that the insurance lobby is an army. They are extraordinarily well financed, and it takes a lot of effort among consumer advocates to keep up. We appreciate everybody who has given their time and money to help. We cannot accomplish much of anything without a little help from our friends.