"Pull up, pull up! Terrain Ahead! Terrain Ahead!" Not exactly what I wanted to hear from the computerized navigation equipment aboard public adjuster Scott deLuise‘s "experimental" turbine single engine plane while flying over the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Being a very experienced private plane passenger, I looked up, noticed snow capped peaks higher than us on both sides of the plane and asked my friend, "Scott, do you know what…you are doing?" (Expletive deleted) That is how yesterday morning started out en route to a client’s automotive business and property loss in Colorado.

Rocky Mountain property insurance losses are usually caused by snow, ice, wildfire, hail and fire. That might seem boring to many in other parts of the country, but getting to and from these losses can be better than any "A" ride at Disney World. I thought about that as Scott responded, "Don’t worry, we’re flying through a pass I know about and we’re about 500 feet above the mountain top." The computer was blaring the same warning as he was providing his explanation.

Good thing I carry a lot of life insurance because the insurance gods had their guardian angels making certain that I was going to cheat death again.

Our new Denver based attorney, Brandee Bower was next to Scott deLuise in the copilot seat. She told me she enjoyed the flight. I guess Coloradans get used to the thrill of falling from or just missing the crash into Rocky Mountains.

A week ago Friday, I gave a presentation to the Rocky Mountain Association of Public insurance Adjusters in Denver. It was a delightful and educational event.

Here is a copy of that seminar handout.

I look forward to seeing all my East Coast friends in Newark tonight for the Windstorm Superstorm Sandy Conference cocktail party. I’ll need another dry martini to help from my thrilling day in the Rocky Mountains.