Roof damage claims are being bitterly fought by many insurance companies. From my perspective, claims managers and insurance company vendors seem to be training their adjusters how to minimize insurance benefits through various theories and "company line" responses. It is causing frustration to roofers and insurance customers. Much of it results in increased litigation.

Insurance claims managers, their vendor "experts" and attorneys waging these battles against the insurance companies’ customers must be furious with the following GAF Technical Bulletin released on July 30, 2014:

One of the findings which I am certain they will challenge rather than accept is the following:

While it is possible to replace individual storm damaged shingles, latent damage to the surrounding shingles caused by a storm is difficult to assess. Because of the potential for the surrounding shingles to also have experienced storm damage, complete roof replacement is recommended for the long term performance of these roofs.

To be fair, some insurers will take to heart what GAF has published. But, we do not generally see those insurers in court because they pay and resolve matters. The others are probably calling GAF and asking for verbal explanations and lobbying for more excuses to weasel out of paying storm damage to shingle roofs.

Public adjusters and roofers should diligently check manufacturer recommendations. In many instances, a recommendation must be followed as a matter of law because of building codes. I appreciate public adjuster Don Wood forwarding this to me.


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