Randy Goodman, of Goodman-Gable-Gould/Adjusters International, was honored with the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters‘ Person of the Year Award at NAPIA’s Mid-Year Meeting. Randy served as President of NAPIA in 1998-99. He has remained an active member and is very deserving of the award. Just before receiving the award, he was bragging to me about recruiting two new recent members from Florida after explaining the benefits of NAPIA membership.

Randy is the older brother of NAPIA’s General Counsel, Brian Goodman. Brian did not pass up the opportunity to roast his brother. Brian noted that he received the award earlier than Randy, despite not being a public insurance adjuster. Since I previously received the award, I took the same poke.

Here is a highlight of Randy Goodman’s acceptance speech:

Those of us who practice this wonderful profession – the profession of public adjusting – know how unique it is, how challenging it is, and how rewarding it can be on so many levels. As a group we elevate our profession in many ways:

  • By becoming more knowledgeable through expanded education.
  • By practicing sound ethics every day.
  • By providing a service to the consumer that adds significant value to the results they achieve after suffering a loss.
  • By showing respect every day for others who participate in the insurance adjusting industry, we receive recognized and well earned respect in return.

Randy Goodman practices what he preaches. I have had the pleasure of working with him, and he has a brilliant and creative mind with a lifetime of experience regarding insurance claims. He has a knack for anticipating issues and a professional politeness under pressure.

If everybody in the insurance claims business dedicated themselves, as Randy Goodman has done, to the concepts found in the four bullet points above, the reputation and performance of insurance claims adjusters would rise substantially. Randy Goodman has truly earned the respect of his peers.

Which leads me to think of this: