Bill Berk called me yesterday regarding the upcoming Windstorm Conference next week. During our discussion, he mentioned that his partner, Evelyn Mercahant, won a trial for QBE against a condominium association represented by a very good trial attorney, Daniel Rosenbaum. The Association was seeking millions, but the jury awarded zero.

This is not the first time that Berk’s firm has obtained a zero verdict for QBE. Yesterday, I noted a number of case decisions involving QBE in my post, QBE Lawsuits are Unilaterally Redefining Property Insurance Law Coverage Cases in Florida. Berk also noted that QBE may have not obtained zero verdicts in other lawsuits but still offered more than what was obtained through trial. Sometimes, newspapers only report that a party won a civil lawsuit without reporting that the winner may have lost because it turned down a better pre-trial settlement.

Being Fair And Balanced, I am reporting this result because it represents a significant win for QBE against a trial attorney for whom I have a great deal of respect. As I learn more about this case, I will report on it.

My suggested thought for those not certain if a settlement offer is fair: