Frederick Kortum vs. Alex Sink has been appealed to the First District Court of Appeals. I reported on this case in Public Adjusters Lose 48 Hour Solicitation Ban Case. The appeal was expected. We will post the briefs and keep readers abreast of that case as it develops.

The first public adjuster lawsuit is in the Third District Court of Appeal, as I last noted in Sink Appeals Public Adjuster Suit: Delay Possible For Miami-Dade County Public Adjuster Lawsuit. Oral arguments have been reset from May 19th to July 6th regarding the issue of venue and whether that case will stay in Miami-Dade County. This case is going nowhere fast and has not been helped by the adverse developments in the other public adjuster matter. Trial judges can come to different conclusions on novel issues of law. The ruling in Kortum is not binding on another trial judge, but it can be used as persuasive authority.