Proof of loss rules are not what I normally think about Kentucky. Kentucky usually makes me think of beautiful rolling hills, great basketball, fast horses and the Kentucky Derby. But, we recently had some questions about proof of loss in Kentucky and thought we would share our findings.

Proof of loss rules vary from state to state. It is important for policyholders and public adjusters to always check their policies following a loss to see if there is a deadline to file a proof of loss. If there is a deadline, policyholders often have problems completing the evaluation of loss during that time and the question then arises, ‘what happens if a proof of loss cannot be fully completed within the time frame?’

When looking at this issue in Kentucky, here are some basic rules:

In summary, deadlines for filing proofs of loss will be enforced in Kentucky. The rule is that the insured must “substantially comply” with filing of a proof of loss within the time frame. If the policyholder fails to substantially comply with filing a proof of loss and the insurer defends on this basis, the insurer must show that it has been prejudiced.

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