Matt Gaetz is running for a seat in the Florida House of Representatives. His chances of getting elected have become better since former Governor Jeb Bush provided his endorsement to Gaetz. Here is Gaetz commenting on the endorsement:


Matt Gaetz and his father, Senator Don Gaetz, are proof that conservative elected officials can also support strong pro-policyholder legislation and stand up to the insurance companies that do not want to be held accountable to their customers and the law. We held a campaign fundraiser for Matt last September and noted his active support for policyholders in Matt Gaetz is a Policyholder’s Advocate Running for Public Office.

Senator Don Gaetz filed three very pro-consumer bills last year.

  1. SB 964 – Insurer has a fiduciary duty to treat those it insures in good faith
  2. SB 960 – Civil Remedy against Citizens Property Insurance Corporation
  3. SB 962 – Requiring insurance companies to adopt and implement standards to follow when adjusting claims to reach a proper settlement

The Special Election will take place on March 23. We hope Matt will be able to take part in the debate and advocate for policyholders before this legislative session is over.