Perry Cone is an attorney with the Gray Robinson law firm. Previously, he was General Counsel to Citizens Property Insurance Corporation. He writes an interesting blog regarding insurance at

My long held impression is that Perry Cone has been quietly counseling and suggesting many of the insurance industry’s legislative goals over the past decade. While this has been my personal belief, his biography bears this out:

Among his achievements at Citizens, Perry built an in-house law department from scratch, guided the successful restructuring of the litigation and disputed claims units and their process improvement, and oversaw a combined legal and claims staff of 80. He also provided counsel in $12 billion of public and private debt financing, a $400 million bulk insurance transaction, and legal issues that confront state government – such as immunity, public records, procurement, and government ethics.

Perry is nationally known for his achievements in leading Florida legislative reforms in property insurance and automobile insurance. Benefiting from leadership training at Travelers and Citigroup, he has coached and mentored in-house counsel, executives and other business leaders.

* * * *

He left private practice for a progressive career in-house at three distinctive organizations: Miami-based and privately held AIB Financial Group, where he was General Counsel and Vice President for Regulatory & Public Affairs; Tampa-based Travelers of Florida, a subsidiary of Citigroup and St. Paul Travelers, where he was General Counsel, Senior Vice President, and Compliance Officer; and Tallahassee-based Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, a Florida state government entity and third largest U.S. property writer with $3.6 billion in premiums and $11 billion in assets, where he was General Counsel and Senior Vice President. Perry joined GrayRobinson following his public service at Citizens.

Cone’s blog is helpful and informative on insurance law from a more political Tallhassee perspective. He selected a great name.

For what it is worth, I have personally found Perry Cone to be bright, fun and honest. When I said "quietly" counseled the insurance industry, I meant that respectfully and literally. He has been noted only once in our blog at Citizens Task Force Agenda in 2008. Accordingly, his public writing about insurance topics are welcome.