The Windstorm Insurance Conference always has new people and learning experiences regarding the insurance industry and adjusting. At the last conference, I noticed a new public adjuster association, Property Adjustment National Association (PANA), had a booth at the Windstorm Conference. I had not previously heard of PANA, but was intrigued that it supported greater training for public adjusters, because that is something I have long advocated.

Mark Houser, the owner and President of PANA, tracked me down at the Windstorm Conference. Since then, we have spoken and discussed his mission and passion for adjusting. While I am not vouching for or advocating public adjusters joining PANA, it is simply because I do not have enough knowledge or information to make such a determination, I agree 100% with Mark Houser that the public adjuster industry should get more and regular training on all aspects of running a public adjusting firm and practice.

PANA is unique to public adjusting because it is a privately owned for-profit Association. I encourage all public adjusters to join the best and most reputable public adjusting associations and regional associations. NAPIA is the most longstanding and difficult national association to gain membership. Their membership is the cream of the crop of public insurance adjusters. Gene Veno of the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (APIA) has done an amazing job growing his organization and reach in legislative bodies.

Mark Houser of PANA is a little different. One of the aspects I like best is that he focuses on the profitability of public adjusting firms. In my discussions with Houser, he and I agree that there is not enough systematic training of public adjusters along the following activities of public adjusting:

  • Solicitation
  • Coverage Analysis
  • Evaluation and Estimating
  • Negotiation and Resolution
  • Ethics
  • Profitable Operation of Public Adjusting Firms

Whether PANA will be a successful long term player in this industry remains to be seen. I know little of Mark Houser’s background and qualifications. But his enthusiasm and emphasis on training on these key aspects are dead-on right and lead his vision in the right direction.

Positive Thought for the Day:

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