The National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters will host their Mid-Year Conference in beautiful Palm Beach, Florida. The conference will begin on Thursday, December 8th and conclude mid-day on Saturday, December 10th. Having the National Association host this conference in South Florida is a wonderful opportunity and public insurance adjusters should join NAPIA and network with the leading professionals assisting policyholders across the county.

NAPIA is a strong organization with a finger on the pulse of helping policyholders across the country. NAPIA monitors legislation and has assisted many regional public adjuster groups with trending issues.

This conference will take place at the Breakers in Palm Beach. The sessions will provide continuing education credits on topics of co-insurance, proofs of loss, research tools for claims, condo losses, and many more.

On Saturday, our very own Chip Merlin will present his course, Matching — Line of Sight and Pre-Loss Conditions. The full agenda is available here.

Another added benefit of the national organization is that it is a very family friendly. Many of the current leaders attended the conferences when their parents were members and in charge. The association also has an agenda for the loved ones in your life—they have exciting tours and things to do while you are in your sessions. The guest agenda is listed here.

So take a break from the cold weather if you are in the Northeast or Midwest and come join the Merlin Law Group and FAPIA, as we welcome NAPIA back to Palm Beach. Here is the information on registration.

To be a member of NAPIA, you have to agree to hold yourself to a higher level of professionalism and ethics. Here are the NAPIA Rules of Professional Conduct and Ethics:

  1. The members shall conduct themselves in a spirit of fairness and justice to their clients, the Insurance Companies, and the public.
  2. Members shall refrain from improper solicitation.
  3. No misrepresentation of any kind shall be made to an assured or to the Insurance Companies.
  4. Commission rates shall be fair and equitable, and strictly in accordance with the prevailing custom in the locality, and must, where laws or regulations of insurance departments exist, comply fully with such laws or regulations.
  5. Members shall conduct themselves so as to command respect and confidence. They shall work in harmony with one another, with their clients, and the Insurance Companies’ representatives, so as to foster a cordial and harmonious relationship with all branches of the insurance business, and with the general public.
  6. Members must be fitted, by knowledge and experience, for the work they undertake. They must not endanger the interests of the public adjusting profession, or risk injustice to assureds or to the Insurance Companies, by attempting to handle losses or claims for which they are not qualified, and for which they cannot find competent technical assistance.
  7. Members shall not engage in the unauthorized practice of law.
  8. Public adjuster members shall not act as a contractor in the mitigation, repair, restoration of, or act as a salvor of damaged property (as related to First Party Property Insurance Losses).
  9. Members shall be cooperative and assist one another in every possible way.
  10. Members shall not disseminate or use any form of agreement, advertising, or any printed matter that is harmful to the profession of public adjusting, or which does not comply with the rules and regulations of the Insurance Department of the state in which such member is professionally engaged, or which might subject public adjusting and public adjusters to criticism or disrespect.