Sean Shaw will be a great Florida Attorney General. The Miami Herald endorsed Sean this week and noted some of the reasons why he can help so many and change the status quo as Florida’s Attorney General.

I could not have said it better when the Miami Herald stated the following:

Floridians need an attorney general who is looking out for them, something they haven’t had for too long. Democrat Sean Shaw is by far the best candidate to return the office to the service of the people — and not to elected officials looking to further a mean and narrow political agenda….

Florida has seen enough of this harmful status quo. It’s time for the attorney general’s office to travel in a more enlightened direction. The Herald recommends SEAN SHAW for Florida attorney general.

The election will be soon. You can help Merlin Law Group attorney Sean Shaw merely by forwarding this post to your friends, neighbors and those voting in Florida. Here is a link if you can also help financially in any way.