The Merlin Law Group has been responding to inquiries from potential, current and former clients who have contacted its offices with concerns about the effect of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill on their properties and businesses. These inquiries are wide ranging. Most are asking about preparation issues to prevent damage as well as legal help documenting damage and the law firm’s representation of them for those claims.

“We have already been retained for business losses because customers of clients are now canceling plans for travel to the Gulf Coast,” said William F. “Chip” Merlin, Jr., president of Merlin Law Group. “If something does not change soon, this disaster has the potential to be much worse than most hurricanes. Of course, although we all earnestly hope that this catastrophic spill does not continue to make its way towards other areas of the Gulf Coast and Florida, our clients want to be prepared with a plan of action. Prompt and full accountability for those responsible for this tragedy is important. A class action lawsuit will be filed on Monday morning by the Merlin Law Group in conjunction with our co-counsel Keefe, Anchors, Gordon and Moyle, P.A.

We have a great deal of experience with widespread catastrophe claims and have retained others with experience in these oil spill disasters that understand the proof required to make claims that will be paid by the oil industry and those responsible for the harm."

Attorneys with the Merlin Law Group have been speaking with clients about what they need to do now in order to prepare their property against damage and in the unfortunate event that a claim will have to be filed. Many of those calling are condominium associations, restaurants and hotels anticipating and already experiencing major interruption in their business as people who had considered vacationing in along the Gulf Coast and Florida are cancelling plans in face of the real possibility of the destruction of beaches by the spill. Also of great concern for the law firm’s clients is possible evacuation should the oil cause the presence of toxins in the air and in the water. As the law firm prepares for litigation on behalf of its client, attorneys are taking a close look at the liability and negligence issues with the event.

In addition to offering legal advice and representation, Merlin Law Group will be hosting an educational town hall meeting, along with Keefe, Anchors, Gordon and Moyle, P.A (KAGM). to help those who may be affected from what is being described as the worst environmental calamity in US history, in understanding what they need to know about the oil spill and how it may affect their bottom-line. Gulf Coast Oil Spill Catastrophe: An Educational Town Hall Meeting is expected to be heavily attended by those unsure as to what this catastrophe can mean to their lives, will be held on Tuesday, May 4th at 1:00 PM in the Emerald Ballroom at the Hilton at Sandestin, 4400 South Sandestin Boulevard, Destin, Florida 32550.

The Merlin Law Group and KAGM are strongly encouraging property owners, business owners, government entities, and residents to attend the town hall meeting on Tuesday in Destin to learn such things as what to do in advance to protect their property and any potential claims filed against their insurance policy as well as explaining the federal legislation the Oil Pollution Act of 1990. Other experts and those with experience from prior oil spills will be on hand to offer insight into the potential effects of the spill and what is being done to assist those in the areas that are and will be affected.

In the meantime, those with legal concerns about the ramification of the Gulf Oil Spill should call Merlin Law Group at 1.877.449.4700.