The Merlin Law Group has settled the claims of 103 State Farm policyholders.  While the terms of the individual settlements and total amount paid by State Farm are confidential, attorney Chip Merlin noted that each settlement amount was negotiated on a case-by-case basis and according to each client’s unique situation.”This was not a ‘cents on the dollar received by all’ negotiation,” said Merlin.   “An enormous amount of work went into this negotiation which proves that every policyholder can get what they deserve as long as each case is approached individually.” 

The members of the Mississippi Merlin Law Group team include Chip Merlin, William Weatherly, Randy Santa Cruz, Deborah Trotter, and Tina Nicholson.  They worked tirelesly conducting 119 depositions regarding State Farm and filing over 50 litigated lawsuits against the insurer so far on behalf of Mississippi policyholders.

Despite this tremendous success Merlin cautions “those with unresolved claims to be mindful of Mississippi’s Statute of Limitations which will run out at the next anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.”

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