The Merlin Law Group has started a legal blog about the insurance issues that arise with Condominiums. Condominium law is an area where a little experience leads to the conclusion that there is a lot more to learn. Condominiums have unique insurance issues which we felt could better be addressed in a separate blog.

The Condominium Insurance Law Blog will have Corey Harris as its "editor in chief." As noted:

Corey Harris has a special affinity for condominium insurance law. Much of his legal experience has been working with condominium management associations and boards of directors regarding issues they may have as to insurance policies and other liability policies and claims.

Corey started working with us before he went to law school and continued during each summer break while attending the University of Florida Levin School of Law. He is currently working on numerous insurance claims as policyholder counsel for condominiums. After reading his weekly posts on our main blog, I felt he could have a more prominent voice writing on the insurance issues faced by condominiums.

Boards, unit owners, condominium general counsel, and agents selling association insurance should find the posts and community discussion to be a source of learning and information. I hope to learn from them as well. Certainly, I will be a "guest" on occasion and write comments, as I encourage all to do.