In our line of work, natural disaster is often at the forefront. We work hard to restore the tangible (e.g., property) lives of policyholders to a pre-loss condition through the very instrument purchased to accomplish same – insurance. But what about helping to restore the lives (tangible and intangible) of policyholders before insurance benefits are paid? Well, I am very proud to say that we lend a hand on that front too! Take a look at the efforts of the Merlin Law Group family (via my wife and mother-in-law) over the last six days in Moore, Oklahoma:

These are small illustrations (courtesy of my wife’s cell phone) of what Oklahomans are dealing with in the wake of the mile-plus wide EF5 tornado that ripped through central Oklahoma on May 20th.

And these are small illustrations of what my wife (Brittany Greyber) and mother-in-law (Lisa Jebb) have been doing since Thursday to help Oklahomans cope with the disaster depicted above.

Their work, of course, cannot fully restore the lives of Oklahomans. But their individual efforts in Oklahoma, combined with the efforts of several thousand more, will have an invaluable cumulative effect. In the words of the Oklahoma City Thunder star forward, Kevin Durant, that cumulative effect will be that the “sun will shine soon” on Oklahomans … Oklahoma “will bounce back.”

Bottom line, while Merlin Law Group attorneys start to work with insurers to restore the tangible lives of Oklahomans, you can do what Brittany and Lisa have done the past six days and what my colleague, Nicole Vinson, urged you to do in her May 25 blog post, “Help the Recovery in Oklahoma.”