Sean Shaw, Chip Merlin, and Leander Shaw

Sean Shaw is a practicing attorney resolving legal issues for people and it is only fitting that he is running to become Florida’s Attorney General. Do you want an honest person that sees both sides of the aisle, wants to seek practical resolutions, and still rise up against obvious wrong? Sean Shaw is your candidate.

A lot of people want John Morgan to run for governor because Morgan gets things done. While I personally like and supported our current Attorney General, Pam Bondi, can you honestly tell me in 10 seconds three things she has done while in office for that past 8 years?

Here is a picture of Sean with Orlando lawyer, John Morgan:

John Morgan & Sean Shaw

John Morgan sees how Sean Shaw the legislator made his bills pass as a minority Democrat, because Sean is a person with common sense who reaches across party lines to find agreement rather than focusing on disagreements and trying to make the other person or politician look bad because of party affiliation. What a breath of fresh air that would be if all our political leaders acted to find common ground and agree to pass laws we all want rather than to hold them hostage for the gain of their political party and cause the angst we all hate.

The chief officer of Florida’s justice department better be a person wise enough to look at the other person’s point of view and be able to rationally analyze it. Sean Shaw will be able to discuss and enforce laws and regulations regarding our government while also recognizing that some politicians still wrongfully delve into enforcement of laws and regulations with discriminatory bias that leads us socially backward rather than progressing as a cohesive social and economic body.

Florida is a leading state in the Union. We must elect people like Sean with the understanding and dignity to be deserving of such a high office.