The CEO and President of Occupational Athletics, Inc., Mark Everest, has announced that public adjuster safety and wellness will be the topic for his new book and audio production. Everest, in conjunction with Occupational Athletes, Inc., is developing an interactive daily system that will help public adjusters gain the knowledge and tools necessary to lead happier, more productive, and safer lives. Occupational Athletes, Inc., has provided systems for other occupations to help individuals stay safe. Everest explained that the new system for public adjusters will be an integrated lifestyle management system that will center on the safety of insurance claims adjusting and help provide a plan for keeping mentally and physically well for the long run.

For over 25 years, Everest has worked to develop and implement strategic corporate and industrial sports medicine programs, wellness, and injury and illness prevention plans. His work with professional athletes has carried over to help companies and individual workers reduce the risk of injury and stay healthy. Everest, who worked with the Pittsburg Steelers, explains that the inspiration for lifestyle management systems was developed through his work with professional athletes. In the same way a professional athlete prepares for the game, business professionals should also prepare their bodies for work in ways that minimize stress and injury.

Everest recognizes that public insurance adjusting can be a different job each day and with the new wellness system he hopes to provide the necessary information public adjusters need to stay healthy. Everest’s guide to safety and wellness will address daily ways to minimize the risk and the accidents that can incur in connection with claims inspections. In a recent podcast with Gene Veno, President of the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (AAPIA), Everest announced his reasons for the book and shared why adjusters need an interactive lifestyle management system. Everest explained that to live happier, longer lives, adjusters need to actively work to improve their health, and be aware of the risks of injury. Everest explains that our work environment affects our well being and the kind of work performed takes a toll on the body. To listen to the recent interview with AAPIA, click here. Everest’s system, due out this summer, will help public adjusters with life style management.

Awareness of health and safety is very important, especially for public adjusters who often find themselves out of the office and in the field. I highlighted safety information in my post, Safety Instructions for Public Adjusters.

The public adjuster who inspired my previous post on safety, Charles “Dick” Tutwiler, is scheduled to present a live webinar addressing public adjuster safety on Thursday, April 21, 2011. More information about the webinar and safety of public adjusters is available at Also, stay tuned, as we will provide new information about Everest’s lifestyle system as it becomes available.