Gary Rowland made a comment to my post, The End of a Year, an Eight Year Bad Faith Case and People Whose Lives We Touch, which made me appreciate that some of what we write is helpful to others. Frankly, I am fairly certain that we get a lot more out of what we learn from writing than what you may gain from reading. I am often in awe of the number of very bright and very capable people in this business that have unique expertise on some very isolated issues. The learning never stops.

There will be a number of educational conferences that we will be attending and speaking at early this year. These should provide additonal material and new ideas regarding insurance coverage and adjustment issues which seem to be changing in a much more dynamic fashion.

For 2010, my hope is that our thoughts and suggestions can help every reader. I suggest that you take just a minute to reflect upon a particular work "tip" from Dan Pink that may help you reach your goals:

Two questions that can change your life from Daniel Pink on Vimeo.