Florida Insurance Commisioner Kevin McCarty

Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty obtained a well-deserved Lifetime Achievement Award from the Florida Association For Insurance Reform. His acceptance speech was brilliant, engaging, emotional, and funny. Floridians are lucky to have him working for us in the Department of Insurance now known as the Office of Insurance Regulation since the early 1990s.

Like yours truly, McCarty is extremely well educated, having received his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Florida. We are the same fifty-six years of age—which is a little disconcerting as McCarty noted that you usually get Lifetime Achievement Awards when you are on your deathbed or long past your prime. A little known fact is that we were both honored by Insurance Law Center in 2009 as noted in Kevin McCarty and Chip Merlin Honored By The Insurance Law Center’s Person of the Year Award.

His Regulator of the Year award noted:

Kevin McCarty’s impact on Florida and the nation’s insurance marketplace is undeniable. He has proven himself as a force to be reckoned with. In his steadfast role as “agitator in chief” of the property and casualty marketplace in the Sunshine State, he has irritated homeowners’ insurance companies for the benefit of consumers to the point where large carriers have threatened to exit the marketplace.

I am certain that McCarty never wants insurers to leave Florida. Yet, I am positive he wants all insurers to honestly compete and follow the rules. Before his award was given, we discussed this topic, and I congratulated him for discussing hard issues with all sides to an issue. We sometimes disagree on policy, but everybody I have spoken to about McCarty finds his ability to listen and understand to be refreshing in an era where many in government refuse to do so, or cannot do so because of ignorance. He knows his business of insurance regulation, but is always looking to learn more.

Kevin McCarty recited his longstanding principles he follows in public service as the Insurance Commissioner:

  1. Government should serve and ultimately be accountable to the people;
  2. Government should be transparent in its operations, and treat its clients fairly and equitably; and,
  3. Government should promote a vibrant, competitive marketplace while protecting those unable to protect themselves.

Kevin McCarty is nationally recognized by his peers as a leader in the field of insurance. He served as President of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners in 2012.

Not a bad career for a fellow Florida Gator. Still, I think we both have a lot more to add before hanging up our spurs.

Positive Thought For The Day

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          —Pat Riley