A few of you watching The Willis Report on Fox Business News last week may have been surprised to learn that I have a twin brother, Chris Merlin, who is from San Francisco. He was asked to comment about a blind man and his service dog that were thrown off of a US Airways flight. Here is the segment:


Looks to me that Chris needs stop working so much, start running a little more and shed about 20 pounds.

Meanwhile, I was at the Consumer Attorneys of California Annual Convention as reported in Ken Kan’s post, Passionate Advocacy for the Policyholder is Effective Advocacy.

One of my co-panelists, Greg Bentley, made an important point when construing ambiguous policy provisions which is worthy of repeating:

If a clause can reasonably be interpreted to afford coverage, even though another reasonable interpretation can find no coverage, coverage exists for the loss. The analysis is not whether which one is right or wrong, nor which interpretation is most correct.

Have a great weekend and I’ll encourage Chris to start running so he can finish a Turkey Trot next Thursday.