The Windstorm Conference starts tomorrow in Jacksonville. If you represent policyholders or insurers with hurricane claims, you have to be there, since hurricanes are the largest windstorms. It provides an opportunity to learn from those actively engaged in all aspects of the hurricane insurance claim experience.

I will be speaking on Wednesday afternoon in two sessions involving the same topic, "Gulf Coast Case Law Update: Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana." The recent case decisions from these three states have many practical applications for adjusters and claims managers. I look forward to the banter and discussion that will undoubtedly occur between myself and my co-presenter, insurance defense attorney, Steve Pate of the Fulbright Jaworksi firm in Houston.

Michelle Griffin has reported that there are over 1300 registrants for the Conference. Our firm is sponsoring the Opening Reception tomorrow night and I hope to see you there.

On another note, Corey Harris who has been blogging every Saturday regarding Proofs of Loss and other post loss obligations, was at the 2010 Community Association Law Conference in Tucson this week. Corey specifically went to the insurance related seminars and events and has promised a report on developments of Condominium and Association insurance.

I plan on reporting in this blog regarding the events, speakers and practical aspects of what the members of the firm learn from the conferences we attend. I have found there is very valuable subtle knowledge shared and learned at conferences such as these. In our firm, we discuss those ideas and knowledge to better serve our clients.

Professionals and those wanting to be the best in a chosen field typically go to such events. I encourage those who want to be the best to do so. For potential clients deciding upon any professional to hire, I suggest looking into whether the professionals you are considering for have such dedication.