I was thinking about my post, Oh The Places You Will Go—Especially in the Insurance Claim Industry, while in Manhattan this past weekend. As I arrived from Kansas City, I knew Corey Harris was working on depositions and mediations from previous tornados and hail storms in Dallas and Ft. Worth late last Wednesday night when the first of a string of tornados struck that area. I texted him to be safe.

In response, he sent me the following picture indicating he was trapped in the basement of a Marriott Hotel as everything outside was pummeled with grapefruit sized hail or blown away by numerous tornados:

His comment made me think about the role of insurance and how much we depend on the product. Given the unfortunate deaths caused when tornados strike with little notice, I thought about how life insurance has been a traditional insurance product that softens the financial blow of the ultimate catastrophe. My philosophy on life insurance is as follows:

Since insurance companies seem to always bet right and not pay, if you want to live a long time, buy more life insurance. Buy, buy, buy if you do not want to make a final good-bye.

Since I was working on insurance claims and lawsuits in New Jersey on Friday and planned to return on Monday and Tuesday, I stayed in Manhattan over the weekend. I highly recommend Lucky Guy, a play starring Tom Hanks. If you have the opportunity, see it before it closes on July 3rd. Manhattan is also a lot of fun, as you can see in this picture of me at the M&M store on Broadway:

Life can be very fun and is always precious. The catastrophic tornados this weekend remind us it should not be taken for granted. Buy lots of life and property insurance if you want to help your chances and keep from getting wiped out.