After yesterday’s post, “Leading Insurance Academic Proves State Farm Accepts "Reasonable Expectations" of Insurance Coverage,” I received an email from Jim Fortson, a marketing consultant who is married to our firm’s Managing Attorney, Mary Fortson. Jim is always reviewing ads and marketing information to keep informed of current trends. I get many ideas for my blogs from readers like Jim, and thought I would share his with you.

"Loved your blog this morning regarding the advertising claims of insurance companies that sell one expectation but deliver another. Here’s some info you might want to use as follow-up.

Attached are 2 ads that prove your point: Zurich has been running an extensive series of 3 or 4 ads in Fortune and other major magazines. The fact that they need to create or package a special program for the fair treatment of insured corporate clients is almost an admission that there are different classes of policyholders.

Notice the wording in the ad: “…quickly assess the damage” ….”quick response restores what you need.”

Here are the ads (click for full image):

 Chubb Group adZurich ad

View other Zurich print ads here.