Our law firm is helping to sponsor a seminar and meeting with Hurricane Ike policyholder attorneys this Thursday, April 16, in Houston. We held a similar meeting following Hurricane Katrina and felt it was beneficial for attorneys and clients to meet, learn, and share ideas regarding the common problems and issues arising out of Hurricane Katrina claims, denials, and delay.

The Ike meeting will start promptly at 8 am with a nationally recognized claims practice expert providing an in depth seminar. Other attorneys are scheduled to speak on common discovery issues. We hope to discuss methods to decrease costs of experts and other common costs as well as best practices to avoid losing arguments we expect the insurance companies to raise. We intend to share ideas about how to speed up the litigation, so that the Hurricane Ike lawsuits move along as quickly as possible.

If you are an attorney who does not represent any insurance companies and you are actively helping Hurricane Ike policyholders, you are invited. I encourage you to attend since there is everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Currently, about twenty attorneys are attending this one day conference.

There is no charge. Lunch and cocktails are provided in return for your attendance and ideas.

Please contact Javier Delgado at (713) 626-8880, in our Houston office to get more details and clearance to attend.