Alex Sink may have been very wise to have paid Warren Buffet so much money for an option to have ready access to money if a major hurricane hit Florida.  (She paid Berkshire Hathaway $224 million for the option of borrowing $4 billion this hurricane season).  A recent St. Petersburg Times article highlighted the problems facing Florida should a major hurricane hit.  The bottom line is that the State could float bonds backed and paid for by every Floridian to cover the shortage of money to pay claims, but there are no of buyers to purchase them. I do not see this topic on the Agenda of the Citizens Mission Task Force for this Friday. I am certain it is a major concern for all and will come up. I am happy we are another week into October. Historically, the most severe hurricanes are over by now, as the waters start to cool and wind shear from the north becomes stronger. Let’s hope a late hurricane such as Wilma or Opal does not visit us this year. I truly do not know if we can afford it.