On Friday, I took a deposition from our Tampa office via video conference questioning an adjuster in Charlotte. At about 1:45 pm, Erin Dunnovant rushed in our boardroom to tell me the office building and our entire area was being evacuated. I had to suspend the deposition and grab my computer. Opposing counsel said they would help in any way possible and took my cell number. He already sent a message about staying safe.

For Irma, Tampa was in the cone of uncertainty but we had no idea what the next reports would show for our area. As I write this we don’t what the aftermath will be. Irma has her eyes on Florida but she is such a monster storm even the experts are stumped about her plans.

Personally, handling hurricane claims since filing suit on Hurricane Charley claims and working at a firm handling catastrophic claims across the country does allow you a calm collected composure, but we are human. As our COO, Keona Williams, and my paralegal Tammy Varn closed down the office, we shut off the lights and told each other to stay safe and be careful. Not a typical Friday.

Knowing how to handle a hurricane claim still doesn’t take away the upset stomach and worry for your family and friends subside. What we do know is that staying safe at a time like this is most important. Constant text messages with our team, friends, and family gets you through this uncertain time.

We prayed and sent our love to Texas with Harvey and now we must do the same for Floridians facing Hurricane Irma.

Here is the most recent update from the National Weather Service.

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