Hurricane Harvey was historic because it struck as a Category 4 hurricane. It is epic because of the flooding it is causing.

While watching and reading about all the predictions of more flooding, I was struck by the numerous instances of aid given by Texans today. The Harris County sheriff asked for volunteers who could bring their boats to help with rescues. Houston quickly had one of the largest active navies in the world. People came from everywhere to help.

It reminded me of a remark made following Hurricane Ike in Bolivar Peninsula Residents Meet Saturday to Discuss Hurricane Ike Issues:

I remember shortly after Hurricane Ike devastated the Texas coast, Chip Merlin and I were walking along Bolivar Peninsula. I believe we were in Crystal Beach to be precise. Among the heaps of destruction and the busted concrete slabs and the tattered wooden pilings, I remember Chip stopping to point out to me how many United States and Texas state flags were flying high, along with POW and Vietnam Veteran flags as well. I also remember him clearly stating that, ‘Texans are not going to just lay down over this without a determined fight. Texans have grit!’

It is refreshing to see communities respond so positively to the dangers of a disaster. There will be problems faced thereafter. But when there are so many examples showing how our country can be divided, Texans again showed how much we can count on one another when faced with a common goal and problem.