Many forecasters called for Hurricane Irma to stay five to ten miles off Florida’s west coast. This would expose us to the worst winds and historic flood surge. One quirky and dedicated hurricane expert, Bobbi Storm, called for mainland landfall in Naples.

IRMA LANDFALL …MARCO ISLAND, EVERGLADES CITY .. NAPLES … MOVING N TMOBILE DOWN IN WEST BROWARD..LOOK WHERE IT MADE LANDFALL..Just W of Hurricane Donna.. Same Day in 1960.. Moving NORTH…NORTH not NNW.. Made the turn sooner rather than later.. New cone at 5 PM or 11 PM?

I have noted her in the past:

The truth is that damage and loss is life is much lower if Hurricane Irma stays inland and east of the Florida West Coast. I am sorry for our brothers and sisters in Naples, but they would be even worse off if the storm track was just a few miles more to the west.

Stay tuned because nobody knows what is going to happen next.