Friends and family looking to buy insurance (property, disability, life, auto, whatever) often ask me what insurance companies I recommend. The lead-in to my answer is usually: “Well, based solely on my professional and personal experience, I’d stay away from ____________.”

I decided to look into whether my professional and personal experiences square with that of others. In so doing, I remembered an interesting, publically available resource – the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation Annual Report.

If you want to base your insurance decisions on more than $5 / month premium saving offers or amusing television commercials and radio jingles, I suggest you take a look at the Consumer Complaint Ratio section of the Annual Report. Also, the five year “trends.” This is the kind of information a prospective homeowners insurance policyholder might find useful:

Homeowner Complaints on Insurance Carriers in FL

Link to Homeowner Complaints on Insurance Carriers in FL


Choose wisely, my friends.