The Utah Insurance Department has one of the easiest and friendliest websites encountered. If you, as a policyholder, have a grievance against your insurance company and are thinking of calling to complain or actually filing a complaint, the Utah Insurance Department’s opening statement online will immediately put you at ease:

The Utah Insurance Department has a staff of insurance experts available to help you understand your insurance coverage and answer your questions. If you been unable to resolve a problem with your insurance company or agent, you may contact our staff for assistance, or file a written complaint.

Our consumer service personnel are available to assist you between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday by calling:

Salt Lake City area: 801-538-3800

In-State toll free: 1-800-439-3805

Complaint Portal

Filing a Complaint is very easy and straight forward. It can be done on line or if a computer is not available to you, the Utah Insurance Department can send you a complaint form by mail to be filled out and mailed back. If you decide to file a complaint on line, (web address above) the first thing that is required is to create an account.

Creating an Account: Make note of your password when you create an account because this password will be required in the future when you check on the status of your complaint. Once an account is created, then you can access the complaint form and fill it out on line and file it.

Once the complaint is filed:

  • Your complaint will be forwarded to the party that you are complaining against for a response.
  • The Utah Insurance Commission will review the response and provide you with their findings.

The complaint process usually takes three to four weeks.

The Utah Commissioner of Insurance is Todd Kiser. He was appointed to that position by the Governor in 2013 after having served in the Utah House of Representatives from 2002 until his appointment. Commissioner Kiser has over 35 years of insurance experience having founded Kiser Insurance Agency in 1976.

The Utah Insurance Department is located at:

350 N. State St. Suite 3110
Salt Lake City, UT 84114
(801) 538-3800

Utah Trivia:

  • State Emblem: The Beehive
  • State animal: Rocky Mountain Elk
  • State bird: California Seagull
  • State Fruit: Cherry
  • State Flower: Sego Lily
  • State Tree: Aspen
  • Last census: Approximately 3 million; 10th least densely populated state
  • Statehood: 45th

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