John R. Elias, Insurance Commissioner

The New Hampshire Insurance Department was established in 1851, the first insurance regulatory agency in the United States.1 The Consumer Services Division (“CSD”) of the New Hampshire Insurance Department enforces the insurance laws and rules of New Hampshire. The CSD acts as an intermediary to help resolve problems between consumers and department licensees, which include insurance companies and insurance agents.2

Like many other states, in New Hampshire, you can file a complaint about your delaying, denying and bad treating insurance company either online or by mail or fax.


To complete a form online, click on this link.

You will then fill out all information. If there are supporting documents, you will need to print a copy of your completed form and send the copy of the form and the supporting documents via mail or fax to the address listed in the next section.

By Mail or Fax

To submit a complaint by mail or fax, here is a link to print the form.

You will then mail or fax the completed form to this address:

The State of New Hampshire Insurance Department
21 South Fruit Street
Suite 14
Concord, NH 03301
Fax: (603) 271-1406

If sending via mail, make sure to make a complete photocopy of your entire complaint with all supporting documentation for your records. It is also best if you can send with some way to track delivery such as certified mail or overnight mail.

Once your complaint is submitted, if the CSD assigned to your case determines the Department has the jurisdictional authority to intervene on your behalf, he/she will forward your complaint to the appropriate licensee for a response.3

The licensee, the insurance company, must provide its response to the Department within 10 business days of receipt.4

If you have and questions, issues or concerns regarding the complaint process or your rights under New Hampshire law, here is the contact information for the CSD:

Telephone: 603.271.2261
Consumer Hotline: 1.800.852.3416
Fax: 603.271.1406
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4 Id., see also RSA 400-A:16 II