Tasked with safeguarding those affected by the business of insurance through the fulfillment of statutory obligations and promoting the fair and just treatment of all parties to insurance transactions, Bruce R. Ramage was appointed as Nebraska’s Director of Insurance by Governor Dave Heineman in November 2010.

The Nebraska Department of Insurance follows four core values:

We respect the ideas, beliefs, and contributions of our coworkers, the insurance industry, and the public. This is emphasized through open, clear, and responsive communication and collaboration.

We are accountable for our conduct and our decisions. The fair and just regulation of insurance requires we be unbiased and objective. We maintain the highest ethical standards and remain transparent both internally and externally while being diligent to safeguard information that is deemed confidential.

We strive for continuous improvement, both of ourselves and the agency through educational opportunities, external collaboration, innovation and recognition. We strive to identify inefficiencies and develop new processes. The insurance industry is ever changing, and successful regulation requires continuous adaptation and improvement.

We work diligently and strive for the highest quality work product. We strive to be accurate, efficient, and consistent.

The Consumer Affairs Division is responsible for investigating consumer complaints to ensure the proper handling of insurance transactions. Consumer’s concerned with mistreatment, slow paying, or denied claims may file an insurance consumer complaint that will be examined by the Nebraska Department of Insurance to determine whether the insurance company or producer has violated Nebraska insurance laws. The Department has created a detailed informational brochure outlining the consumer complaint process, including how to prepare a complaint, how a consumer complaint is investigated, and what to expect from the Department of Insurance.

The Nebraska Department of Insurance has created a simple process for insurance consumers to file complaints against their insurance company or producers using the Department’s online complaint form. Once filed, a consumer complaint is immediately assigned to a Consumer Affairs Investigator. A copy of the consumer complaint is sent to the insurance company or producer involved who are provided fifteen business days to respond. After reviewing the insurance company or agent’s response, the Consumer Affairs Investigator will advise the consumer of the case outcome.

Insurance consumers can also download and print a Consumer Affairs Division Complaint Form that can be mailed or mailed to the Nebraska Department of Insurance at the below address:

Nebraska Department of Insurance
PO Box 82089
Lincoln, NE 68501-2089
Phone: 402-471-2201
Facsimile: 402-471-6559
E-Mail: DOI.ConsumerAffairs@nebraska.gov

If you are not certain of your insurance claim rights or if you have questions about your policy benefits, please do not hesitate to call Merlin Law Group.