The Director of Idaho’s Department of Insurance, Dean Cameron, oversees the regulating and monitoring of insurance activities, companies, and agents in Idaho. Appointed by Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter, Mr. Cameron has been serving Idaho residents since June 15, 2015. Within the Department of Insurance, the Consumer Affairs Section (“CAS”) serves as a free resource to Idaho consumers including provision of general information and responding to consumer inquiries and complaints.

When things go wrong, Idaho consumers can file a complaint online using the CAS Consumer Complaint Form link or by filing out a copy of the Complaint Form and mailing, faxing or emailing it to CAS at:

Idaho Department of Insurance
700 West State Street, 3rd Floor
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0043
Phone: (208) 334-4319
Fax: (208) 334-4398

The Consumer Complaint Form requires consumers to provide contact information and requests insurance policy information, related complaints with other agencies, and a narrative about the complaint against your insurance company and/or agent. CAS also recommends and requests that consumers provide supporting documentation about their complaint. Examples of supporting documentation may include a copy of your insurance policy(ies) and written communications with your insurance company or agent(s). Insurance consumers are notified by email anytime there is activity on the consumer complaint that requires an insurance consumer’s attention.

After filing, Consumer Affairs Officers in CAS work with consumers towards a goal to resolve disputes with insurance companies and insurance producers (agents). As stated on Consumer Affairs Section’s website,

Our primary purpose as an independent regulatory agency is to provide assistance and advice on matters within the State of Idaho pertaining to a variety of insurance products.

Another CAS tool to assist consumers is the Consumer Complaint Comparison Guide (“Comparison Guide”), which provides consumers with helpful information to assist in assessing their current insurance company and compare it against other insurance companies. The Comparison Guide includes a consumer complaint index which measures the number of consumer complaints for one company in relation to other companies in the same market. A company with a complaint index of 1 has an average number of complaints. A company with a complaint index higher than 1 has more complaints than average.

The Idaho Department of Insurance provides consumers with tools when things go wrong with their insurance company or agent(s). However, If you are not certain of your insurance claim rights or if you have questions about your policy benefits, please do not hesitate to call Merlin Law Group attorneys.